Application Security Assessment

With the growth of cloud technology and the parallel increase in the available hacking tools, ensuring the security of applications has become even more challenging and crucial. The advancement in hacking methods has not left the data breach occurrences specific to any level. Hackers can exploit the vulnerabilities existing in any of the layers to compromise security. Our team of experienced professionals ensures that your application meets the standard of security and compliance.

Our Security Assessment will help you to:

Identify the areas of security concern in your application

Verify if your applied security procedures are effective by exploiting the observed vulnerabilities

Fix the vulnerabilities by providing suggestions and required remediations

Maintain the pillars of security (confidentiality, integrity, and availability) and compliance

Why is Azpirantz Technologies best choice for Application Security Services?

We customize the assessment based on your requirement and the specification of your web application. Our team of cybersecurity specialists will check for the security weaknesses in your API endpoint both automatically and manually and identify them based on criticality. The testers will provide solutions and recommendations to fix the vulnerabilities. After receiving the confirmation that the flaws have been fixed, they will again run a test to verify the same.

Some great companies use our services

About azpirantZ

We are an aspiring cybersecurity consulting firm that aims to help its customers focus on their core business by taking care of their security and compliance through high-caliber services and providing them actionable solutions. At Azpirantz, we understand that the threat landscape is fast-paced and ever-adapting. Identifying the hidden vulnerabilities, drafting the right action plan, or choosing the best technologies as per the environment to safeguard data assets and comply with new laws is a challenge for any organization. Thus, we work towards providing our customers with a seamless experience in battling the current cybersecurity threats.


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