Top 22 Security Prediction Report for 2022

Over the years, Cyber Security Management has become an essential feature for every organization. And yes, as long as the data is available, the data breaches and ransomware attacks on organizations have been experienced with advanced techniques, and the board members have realized the severity of the vulnerabilities.

The battle of securing data and assets has to be taken with the strategic methods, priorities, and roadmap to ensure a safe operation. One should establish their community to provide smart and strong defense techniques to overcome the threats. 

The Top 22 Security Prediction Reports are mentioned in this article that you should know in 2022 to strengthen your network from threats.
1.Trend Micro

Trend Micro is the leading global enterprise in providing data security and cybersecurity solutions for data centers, networks, etc. It offers an advanced Anti-malware scanner to protect from threats, the best features, and a user-friendly interface. 

Trend Micro researchers have predicted that the threat actors will focus on ransomware attacks on datacenter and cloud workloads. Here are some highlights of security predictions:

  • Going back to security basics: security basics are the foundation to clear the security gaps that allow malicious attacks.
  • Applying zero Trust: Verifying all the devices and users irrespective of the internal or external network.
  • Hardening server security and employing access control: Implement security policies and protect the operation and access control of the organization
  • Prioritizing visibility: Monitor activity in organizations cloud providers, services, and accounts
  • Shifting to robust security with the right solutions and level of expertise: Implement advanced and automated solutions over security layers and threat intelligence.

2. Watchguard Technologies

Watchguard Technologies is a global leader of business security solutions that could resolve all real-world security problems. It offers an easy-to-use enterprise robust protection to organizations all over the world. 

Watchguard Technologies threat management devices offer Application, Data, and Network Protection, with a great level of usability, visibility, and manageability. In this year of 2022, Watchguard Technologies offers an outstanding security prediction report and listed in the following:

  • Spear SMSishing Hammers Messenger Platforms
  • Password-Less Authentication Fails Long Term Without MFA
  • News of Hackers Targetting Space Hits the Headlines
  • Companies Increase Cyber Insurance Despite Soaring Costs
  • Zero Trust
  • State-sponsored Mobile Threats Trickle Down to the Cybercrime Underworld

3. Kaspersky Labs

Kaspersky is a global leader in providing cybersecurity services and solutions that offer organizations premium protection over cyber threats. It provides many predictions in different domains of cybersecurity to protect businesses, governments, critical infrastructure, and consumers over the globe. 

Kaspersky released the advanced threats predictions for 2022 and shared interesting insights. The following are the eight security predictions shared by Kaspersky.

  • An influx of new APT actors
  • Mobile devices targeting
  • More supply-chain attacks
  • Work from home creates attacking opportunities
  • An increase in APT attacks in the META region
  • Cloud security and outsourced services at risk
  • Back to bootkits
  • Clarification of acceptable cyber-offense practices

4. Check Point Software

Check Point Software is the leading provider of cybersecurity solutions that offers end-to-end security solutions from the enterprise to mobile devices. It was designed to provide a great security experience in delivering security and enhancing efficiencies required to protect the infrastructure and data of the organization. 

The following are the Check Point cybersecurity predictions that are derived for this year of 2022 on three key domains:

  • Malware, Privacy, and cyber-war
    This year Check Point predicts that there could be a rise of double extortion ransomware attacks where the hackers can extract a large amount of sensitive information and then threaten to publish the data to meet the hacker’s demands. 
    Use of botnets to build armies of infected systems to launch attacks. Emotet is the most commonly used Malware that can launch exploits from Ransomware to data theft.
  • Phishing attacks
    This year, the phishing attacks will continue to grow in supply chain cyber-attacks and government challenges of conduction phishing campaigns. The pharma companies develop the vaccines, and these companies can experience malicious attacks from hackers to exploit the situation. 

Also, the e-learning platforms might experience a 30% increase in weekly cyber-attacks as schools and universities are pivoted to remote learning situations.


Mandiant offers threat intelligence and cybersecurity services to enterprises, governments, and agencies. It delivers automation of alerts, prioritization, validation of security controls by the Advanced SaaS platform. It has been predicted over 14 Cybersecurity incidence that could happen this year, and the highlights of this report are:

  • Internet of Things vulnerabilities increases the attack surface.
  • Cloud and Third parties introducing chokepoints
  • Deepfake technology is being used for more than information operation
  • Cyber outsourcing can readily increase velocity and the impact of attacks
  • Recent events in Afghanistan triggering espionage and information operation

6. Forcepoint

Forcepoint is one of the global leaders in delivering modern cybersecurity by safeguarding critical data and Internal protocols. The security Prediction report has provided the most significant security threats set to challenge enterprises, individuals, and governments in 2022.

  • The Digital vulnerabilities in smart cities, state, and local government paved the way to expect cyberattacks.
  • Highly sophisticated Malware hidden inside the software updates can inject Malware to extract data and spread it over other systems.
  • Essential threats such as Ransomware Ransomware have been a rise in the cybersecurity domain. The organization has embraced the Zero trust principle to have 100% protection that helps defend our critical infrastructure and economics.
  • Where there is critical infrastructure, there could be a surface for cyberattacks, not only the corporate sector but also the agricultural sector. We see digital transformation such as remote-controlled tractors and automatic watering devices or livestock feeders, and new attack surfaces are formed.

7. McAfee and FireEye

McAfee and FireEye is a well-known enterprise that offers a single platform that combines innovative security technologies and nation-state threat intelligence. The combined comprehensive prediction report of both the enterprises- both McAfee and FireEye was a creative and innovative report, among others.

  • Lazarus wants to add you as a Friend: Targeting the enterprise professionals with the promises of a job offer through social media. It is the most traditional approach of targeting individuals by espionage groups and threat actors to infiltrate organizations.
  • Help Wanted Bad Guys with Benefits: Predicts an increase of offensive operation by cybercriminals. The initial breach with tactics is quite similar to other cybercrime operations leads to creating Malware, attack targets of interest to achieve business information, sensitive technologies, and trade secrets.
  • Game of Ransome Thrones: The Ransomeware-as-a-Service model opens to develop self-reliant cybercrime groups, which eventually increases the cyber breaches and achieves criminal profits.
  • Ransomware for Dummies: The RaaS ecosystem has evolved with affiliates who can share the profits. The most skilled affiliate can demand a significant part of the profits using the expertise.
  • Keep a close eye on API: An increase of cyberthreats in API services between IOT and 5G leading to crucial risks in the future such as misconfiguration of API, Potential misuse of API, Exploitation of authentication, and evolution of traditional malware activities.
  • Hijackers will target your application Containers: The exploitation of containers leads to critical risks such as Orchestrator Risks, Image or Registry Risks, and Container Risks to deploy and manage applications.

8. Splunk

Splunk is a global company that offers open and extensible data security services. It provides a solid prediction report detailing the importance of data and security based on current events. The report includes the predictions over four domains as follows:

  • Executive and Emerging Technologies Report
    Every organization is willing to accept the new approach to enhancing digital transformation leading to an accelerating remote workforce during COVID-19. Emerging the 5G technologies with Edge computing methods will have a big buzz. 
  • Data Security Report
    Ransomware is a well-known and biggest data security threat to every organization. Cyber breaches are likely to occur, and consistent security practices might prevent the breaches.
  • IT and Observability Report
    Cloud services offer teams to identify, understand, and perform the data to improve the customer experience.
  • Public Sector Report
    Enhancing the nation’s security posture to defend against cyber threats.

9. Gartner

Gartner has reported unique predictions with great analysis that includes percentages on each domain. The report focuses on data laws, cyber-physical systems, board-level scrutiny, and ransomware attacks with security priorities and risks.

The following are highlights of Gartner’s security prediction report:

  • The percentage of nation-states passing legislation to regulate ransomware payments, fines, and negotiations will increase to 30% by the end of 2025, compared to less than 1% in 2021.
  • By 2024, organizations will adopt the cybersecurity mesh architecture to reduce the financial impact of security incidents by an average of 90%.
  • By the end of 2023, modern privacy laws will cover the personal information of 75% of the world’s population.
  • By 2024, 30% of enterprises will adopt cloud-delivered Secure Web Gateway (SWG), Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB), Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), and Firewall As A Service (FWaaS) capabilities from the same vendor. 
  • By 2025, 60% of organizations can use cybersecurity risk as a primary determinant in implementing third-party business transactions and engagements. 
  • By 2025, 40% of boards of directors will have a dedicated cybersecurity committee overseen by a qualified board member. 
  • By 2025, threat actors will have weaponized operational technology environments successfully enough to cause human casualties. 
  • By 2025, 70% of CEOs can mandate a culture of organizational resilience to achieve coincident threats from cybercrime, civil unrest, severe weather events, and political instabilities. 

10. Fortinet

Fortinet provided the Threat prediction report for 2022 based on the current threat trends. The highlights of Fortinet’s report are as follows:

  • Criminal Franchises will expand beyond Ransomware-as-a-Service: 
    The new hybrid networks, Remote workers, evolving connectivity options, and work environments can develop attack surfaces 
  • New Linux-Oriented Attacks:
    New Attacks are striving against the Linux system without being detected. The malicious test files with malicious payloads targeting the WSL and identified the botnet malware being written for the Linux platform expanded the attack surfaces.
  • Attacks from Space
    Cybercriminals traditionally overlook the edge devices and satellite-based connectivity to deliver services to remote locations, thus developing the attack surface and can expect threats.
  • Operational technology attacks: Ransomware attacks on critical infrastructure such as technology assets and control systems.

11. Emsisoft Blog

Emsisoft Security helps protect your devices or data from all types of Malware. Its experts have provided a diverse set of cybersecurity predictions for 2022.

Here is the summarized list:

  • More Ransomware attacks
  • Threats from IoT
  • APT Threats- As new laws are implemented, there is a decrease in botnet activities
  • RaaS attacks are expected to increase data exfiltration malware activities as open-source tools are being detected.
  • The exploitation of confidential information can even cross the robust firewalls and many more.

12. BAE Systems

The BAE Systems offers a unique and analyzed security prediction report for 2022, and the key highlights are listed below:

  • A return of bank heists
  • Ransomware operators moving away from Bitcoin
  • Purple is a new red for threat intelligence 
  • Initial access via IoT devices 
  • Business email compromise using a deep fake voice  
  • The change of focus from businesses’ to employees’ devices
  • Efforts to prevent small fail turning into mass failures 

13. AT&T

AT&T has provided the Cybersecurity prediction report for 2022 based on the current events, and the report has covered the major cybersecurity domains. The following are the highlights of the AT&T cybersecurity prediction report.

  • The adoption of 5G will drive edge computing even further.
  • While finance, healthcare, energy, and utility companies, over the private sector, will increase their cybersecurity spending, the manufacturing industry will have a significant impact on disruption.
  • The transformation from hybrid to a software-defined world.
  • Application security will be a prominent area of investment for VCs and an area of interest for software companies.
  • Ransomware has become the most feared adversary.
  • The transition of cyber hygiene from the workplace to the remote

14. Symantec/Broadcom

Symantec offers predictions to the cyber security in various views and perspectives, and those are listed below:

  • Zero Trust becomes table stakes
  • AI assumes an ever-larger role in software 
  • Edge computing finally goes mainstream
  • A game-changer for cybersecurity management
  • Cloud-Native Platforms (CNPs) emerges from the shadows
  • Composable applications have become all the rage
  • Not just SASE but data-centric SASE

15. Forrester

Forrester had proposed the new trends in the view of uncertainty forces on the relationships, and those are described below:

  • Sixty percent of security incidents can result from issues with third parties: Trusting the third parties in the view of data protection will lead to the rising of the incidents.
  • The security brain drain sets in as one in ten experienced security pros in the industry: The draining of the top brains leads to the end of security in the industry itself.
  • At least on security vendor collapses in an Enron-Theranos-Esque scandal: The security vendor fallout can create risks for CISOs. To reduce such risks, add a second vendor and take precautions to secure further.

16. Forbes

Forbes had declared the strategies to provide the excellent landscape overview by each expert in the security prediction report, and those are discussed below: 

  • Bernard Marr:Implementing the AI-Powered cyber security in the perspective of growing threats will help in saving from higher risks
  • Edward Segal:Remote works are exploited due to the increase of fear, and those threats can be avoided by decreasing demands due to extortion.
  • Forbes Expert Panel: This panel declares that the data may experience cyberattacks due to ethical hacking, deep fakes, and the scoring of cybercrimes.

17. Beyond Trust

Beyond Trust offered the top prognostic predictions for 2022, and the following are the glimpse of those:

  • Space Travel
    Due to the planning of technology advancements, the hackers will start selling stars to us.
  • Talent Resources
    There is a lack of talent for the organizations, leading to winning of dollar value.
  • 5G in Everything
    Technology advancements lead to the adoption of new security needs. Otherwise, it helps hackers to attack the data.
  • Ransomware Reinvented
    The invention of new Ransomware Ransomware is necessary to add new data protection.
  • Supply Chain Kinks
    The supply chain will stand in top position to get attacked by hackers, and this needs to be highly protected
  • Cyber Insurance Termination
    Cyber Insurance will provide value to the organization when they lose their data.
  • Freedom of Social Networks
    Social networking seriously causes cyberattacks regularly due to the insecurity of the data.
  • Softly, Softly
    Hackers attack the data through the long-term establishments in the organizational data.
  • Broken Record
    Due to the increase of cyber attacks, the cost per attack may also rise to the victim.

18. Thycotic Centrify

Thycotic Centrify had predicted excellent cyber security predictions, which were declared by Joe Carson, a scientist at Thycotic Centrify, and those are discussed as follows:

  • The Brink of a Cyberwar – Countries Collaborate to Strike Back
    The stability of relations globally may lead to the decrease of cyber attacks
  • Identity is the New Perimeter, and Access is the New Security Creating proper access to the data and for particular identities will secure the company data.
  • Hacking E-Sports – Hacking Becomes a Mainstream Sport Hackers grab the data through online websites, and they play with the data, and these can be withheld by bypassing security
  • Zero Trust Becomes the Baseline – Future-Proofing Security Risks Taking help from other organizations to secure the data is not suggestible.
  • Cryptocurrency to Get Regulated – The Crypto Heartbeat The stable transactions of cryptocurrency result in the implications of cyber security.

19. VMware

VMware security experts declared the security predictions for 2022 based on the threats that may happen to the landscapes, and those are considered the attacking and emerging threats this year.

  • Supply chain attacks have just gotten started.The rise of attacks occurs due to interlinkage between the IT team and the supply chain.
  • Insider threats pose a new challenge for organizations as the job market continues to shift.External threats and internal threats will create problems for data security.
  • In 2022, accelerated delivery of the benefits of 5G infrastructure will highlight IoT security needs.Due to technological advancements, enhancement of IoT security needs is necessary to deliver customer benefits.
  • Linux-based operating systems will become a target for cybercriminals. Cybercriminals may target the systems that will operate on Linux based operating systems
  • Adversaries will move laterally and exfiltrate data from unsecured multi-cloud environments.The organization should adequately maintain data storage in the clouds, and constant checking is required.
  • Copycat cyberattacks on critical industries can disrupt human lives.

Criminals who attack critical industries include health care, and energy will lead to human life disruption.

20. Infosecurity Magazine

In the perspective of laying the resilient framework for security, Infosecurity Magazine provides the best trends to cyber security this also, and those are listed below:

  • Evolution of Cyber Insurance Cyber Insurance helps small firms when their data is being attacked.
  • More Cryptocurrency Heists Due to the increase in cryptocurrency heists increment, the attacks may rise through online cybercrimes.
  • Deepfake Technology Used to Commit Fraud Organizations must be aware of the fake technological implementations to protect their data.
  • Growing Role of AI to Combat Cybercrime The role of AI is crucial to fight cybercrime, and more added features will protect our data.
  • Continued Growth of Data Protection Legislation There is a need for the continued growth of the protection legislation to improve data security and reduce crimes and attacks.
  • Increased Adoption of Zero Trust Adopting the nature of Zero trust will lead to high efficiency in data protection.
  • Governments Taking a More Proactive Role in Cybersecurity The government will also help take measures proactively to avoid cyber security attacks.
  • New Approaches to Cyber-Awareness Training Adopting the new approaches will create complexity for cyber attacks.
  • Increased Focus on Supply Chain Risks The need to focus on the supply chain risks is highly appreciated to reduce cyber attacks.
  • Organizations Will Strengthen their Cloud Resiliency Organizations must enhance the strength of their cloud data to improve resiliency.

21. The Enterprisers Project 

The Enterprisers Project had aimed to take stock and focus on the security of the large firms and teams. They declare the following trends.

  • Double back to the basics Double-checking the entire data will help avoid data leakage, attacks of cybercrimes., etc.
  • You can’t prioritize everything.Giving Prioritizing to the tasks or data leads to the increase of risks year after year.
  • Supply chain issues meet IT security.Maintaining the supply chain security is highly important as they are directly linked to the IT team.
  • It’s all about the data.The creation of strategies is acceptable to secure the data from attacks.

22. Barracuda Networks

Barracuda Networks are the best providers of Cloud-Enabled Security Solutions and has predicted the nine Ransomware Ransomware that may affect the system of the organizations, and those are discussed as below:

  • Ransomware will remain the number one security threat:They treated that Ransomware Ransomware will remain at the top to create criticalities to the data security and privacy.
  • Critical infrastructure will be at heightened risk:The setup of the infrastructure should be confined to a systematic manner.
  • The fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic will continue:Due to the pandemic, cybercriminals exploit the attacks more and more.
  • The need for forensics skills will grow:The forensic department must be enhanced with new technologies to identify the perfect criminals.
  • Data consolidation will become more widespread:Regular consolidation of the entire is necessary to avoid the sudden conflicts
  • A new cyber security role will emerge:Adding the new cyber security roles will result in the addition of unique value to the company.
  • There will be growing opportunities for MSPs:It is predicted that MSP’s will acquire new clients to expand their availability
  • The role played by MSPs will change:Assumptions reflect that MSPs may be turned into the “security first” to every organization.
  • The cybersecurity skills shortage will remain:Shortage of individuals having cyber security skills leads to the scarcity to resolve the problems quickly.