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When we talk about the digital world, data is a crucial component. A study by IDC suggests that the available data will increase tenfolds by 2025. In recent years, the cyber world has observed an enormous rise in the ransomware attacks and data breaches, where the attackers target the data available with the organiztions. It has thus become essential for organizations to perform database assessments as the database form the foundation of other critical applications.

Our Security Assessment will help you to:

Identify security shortcomings in the database by assessing the current security posture against the CIA triad.

Comply with OWASP standards by performing automatic and manual tests.

Assess different database platforms like MySQL, SQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle etc.

Meet different compliance standards like PCI-DSS, GDPR, CCPA etc.

Segregate untrusted data from queries and commands.

Check for ambiguities that an attacker can exploit to gain access to sensitive data or PII.

Why is Azpirantz Technologies best choice for Database Security Services?

Our team of specialists performs automatic as well as manual assessment on your database to check for security issues. After performing a detailed analysis our security experts work closely with your in-house database team to work on the recommendations and discuss a detailed action plan. We also provide customized services based on the client’s business logic.

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About azpirantZ

We are an aspiring cybersecurity consulting firm that aims to help its customers focus on their core business by taking care of their security and compliance through high-caliber services and providing them actionable solutions. At Azpirantz, we understand that the threat landscape is fast-paced and ever-adapting. Identifying the hidden vulnerabilities, drafting the right action plan, or choosing the best technologies as per the environment to safeguard data assets and comply with new laws is a challenge for any organization. Thus, we work towards providing our customers with a seamless experience in battling the current cybersecurity threats.


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