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ISO/IEC 27701: Privacy Information Management Systems (PIMS)

ISO/IEC 27701 is the first international standard for Privacy Information Management Systems (PIMS). The ISO/IEC 27701:2019 Standard is a data privacy enhancement to the ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management and ISO/IEC 27002 Security Controls published in August 2019. The purpose of the ISO/IEC 27701:2019 Standard is to establish an international framework for the management and protection of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) within the context of information security. The Standard helps organizations protect sensitive data more effectively, mitigate the risk of privacy infringement and provide accountability for data privacy protection.

The Standard also helps demonstrate compliance with GDPR and other data privacy laws and regulations worldwide. The Standard provides a framework for Personally Identifiable Information (PII) controllers and processors to manage data privacy and security.

Azpirantz is the leading provider of ISO 27701 consulting services in the industry. We have an experienced and knowledgeable professional team who will assist companies in implementing a robust Privacy Information Management System (PIMS), performing security audits, and implementing control measures in the data privacy field. We aim to ensure that your company can enhance data privacy according to the ISO 27701 standards. So, we will analyze your current information security and data privacy policies and procedures and collaborate with you to find the necessary security measures to achieve compliance. Your compliance with the ISO 27701 Standard is assured with Azpirantz at a reasonable price.

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Benefits of certified ISO 27701 for your organization

Maintain Reputation

Protect and enhance the organization's reputation in the global market.

Business resilience

Avoid downtime and regulatory fines with effective risk management, disaster readiness, and contingency planning.

Enhanced risk management

Identify and address current and upcoming threats and reduce the organization's risk exposure and security breaches by ongoing product and service monitoring.

Win more business

Demonstrates effective security practices that strengthen client relationships, gives a competitive edge, and attracts new business.

Implementing best practices

Ensured the implementation of best practices, such as updated IT systems, back-ups, anti-virus, and data storage.

Customer trust and satisfaction

Maintain customer trust with efficient management of personal information and improved data privacy. It increases the confidence of your stakeholders, customers, and suppliers in your policies, procedures, and protocols.

Strong competitive factor

Provides customers with products or services more effectively and affordably than competitors. Addresses strict security concerns.

Reduced human errors

Regular security awareness training for employees lowers the possibility of malicious activity and human error.

Why Azpirantz for ISO 27701


One-day free training

We'll provide free one-day training to help you understand how we assist firms in creating their privacy management systems strategy.


PIMS implementation

No matter where your company is located, our team will work with you and provide guidance in implementing a robust Privacy Information Management System (PIMS) that complies with ISO 27701 standards


Business expertise

We will provide business-specific insight and offer appropriate solutions for accomplishing your compliance goals.


Years of experience

With our years of extensive Industry experience and knowledge, we will assist you in developing solutions that consider the unique systems of your organization.


Robust privacy and policies procedures

We will help you to create robust privacy policies and procedures aligning with organizational goals.


Industry best practices

We use industry best practices and cutting-edge tools to scan your cloud infrastructure and applications to ensure they are secure against PIMS potential threats, data breaches, and attacks.


End-to-end support

Our experts, with years of experience, will assist you at every level of risk assessment and remediation.


Complete services

We will provide you with a complete range of services in information security and data privacy.

FAQs for ISO 27701

  • What is ISO 27701?

    ISO 27701 Standard extends the Information Security Management System (ISMS) and establishes a Privacy Information Management System (PIMS), which includes data protection guidelines and requirements. The Standard provides requirements and guidance for creating, implementing, maintaining, and enhancing a Privacy Information Management System (PIMS). The Standard incorporates new controller and processor-specific controls, which assist in addressing the security and privacy gaps.

  • Why should a company adopt ISO 27701?

    •  Maintain the company’s personally identifiable information accurately and confidentially.
    •  Increase the confidence of your partners and clients that you will protect their personal information.
    •  Protect and maintain the company's reputation.
    •  Enhance the public's perception of your company's privacy policies and practices.
    •  Support compliance with GDPR and other data protection regulations and standards.
    •  Build the reputation of a company and give it a competitive advantage.
    •  Reduces PIMS security threats and data breach occurrences.
    •  Enhance the company’s processes and procedures' transparency.

  • How to get ISO 27701 Certification?

    • Every business desires to receive ISO/IEC 27701 certification from a reputable and experienced certification body. Azpirantz is one of the companies that will assist you in making the ISO/IEC 27701 certification process with ease. To comply with ISO 27701's standards, we offer the proper guidance, recommendations, and consultation. If you already hold an accredited certification to ISO 27001 and wish to deepen your understanding and proficiency in data privacy management, applying to a Privacy Information Management System (PIMS) is quite simple.

  • How long will it take to get ISO 27701 certified?

    Depending on the size, nature and complexity of the enterprise management system, implementing ISO 27701 will take at least two to three months. Furthermore, if staff members lack the appropriate resources for training, it may take up to six months. The method for implementing ISO 27701 Standard starts with installation and ends with an internal and external audit.

  • How long is ISO 27701 valid once certified?

    Once ISO 27701 certification has been attained, it is valid for three years. During this period, the certifying body will perform mandatory audits to verify compliance and determine whether the enterprise is correctly managing the PIMS. At the end of the three years, you will be required to perform a reassessment audit to uphold the standard for the next three years.

  • How do ISO 27001 and ISO 27701 relate to one another?

    ISO 27701 is an extension of ISO 27001. Companies that have adopted ISO 27001 can use ISO 27701 to broaden their security initiatives by including privacy management. ISO 27701 Standard ensures that the company complies with all applicable PII regulations and data protection laws and regulations, including the GDPR. To benefit from ISO 27701's security advantages, you must first implement ISO 27001.

  • What companies can benefit from adopting ISO 27701?

    ISO 27701 is a universal standard used by all types and sizes of businesses and organizations that handle private data. Any company that keeps Personally Identifiable Information (PII) may benefit from ISO 27701 adoption, including public and private companies, government agencies, and not-for-profit organizations. It provides guidance to businesses accountable for processing PII inside an Information Security Management System (ISMS), particularly for PII controllers and processors.

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