Mobile Security Assessment

The count of devices produced by various mobile companies, including Google and Apple, has reached billions and still counting. The idea of using these devices for developing and expanding business services has resulted in the ubiquity of mobile applications. As most of these apps connect to the internet, there are high chances that hackers can exploit any vulnerability they get their hands on. It hardly matters whether an organization is developing a mobile app or is itself a consumer; it remains susceptible to these attacks. It thus becomes indispensable to perform a mobile security assessment.

Our Mobile Security Assessment will help you to:

Check for any insecure data storage due to the negligence of secure coding practices

Check for insufficient Transport Layer Protection that is the result of using weak encryption or sending unencrypted data over the network.

Identify weak server-side controls

Check for weakness in the application design to avoid client-side injection attacks

Check for improper session handling

Identify poor authentication and authorization mechanisms which may aid hackers to gain unauthorized access.

Identify cryptographic flaws in the application

Check for the possibility of reverse engineering of the application which, if possible, can result in disclosure of sensitive information

Ensure proper input sanitization to avoid impersonation

Prevent side-channel data leakage

Why is Azpirantz Technologies best choice for Mobile Security Assessment?

Our team of experts will identify the vulnerabilities along with possible areas of exploitation in your application. We perform the assessment not only on the app, the third party lib that is being used is also tested. Our methodology focuses on OWASP Mobile Top 10 security assessment guideline to identify and verify the vulnerabilities. Our expert consultants can then provide the required fixes and recommendations that can strengthen the security posture of the application and prevent its unauthorized use at the hands of hackers. We also provide customized assessments to suit the business logic and need of the client.

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About azpirantZ

We are an aspiring cybersecurity consulting firm that aims to help its customers focus on their core business by taking care of their security and compliance through high-caliber services and providing them actionable solutions. At Azpirantz, we understand that the threat landscape is fast-paced and ever-adapting. Identifying the hidden vulnerabilities, drafting the right action plan, or choosing the best technologies as per the environment to safeguard data assets and comply with new laws is a challenge for any organization. Thus, we work towards providing our customers with a seamless experience in battling the current cybersecurity threats.


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