On-Demand Security Assessment

With the increasing threats and attacks in the cyber world, security assessments have become vital for any organization. However, these assessments come with a monetary cost, and it sometimes becomes difficult for organizations to assess their application on security standards before the deadlines or the release. Our on-demand security assessments can ease this situation for your organization. We mitigate the security risks of your application taking into consideration the industry security and compliance standards.

Our On-Demand Security Assessment will help you to:

Assess the security of your network and data environment

Reduce operational costs by flexibly provisioning resources

Identify gaps or loopholes in your currently applied security mechanisms

Identify the top IT threats and risks that could be associated with your organization/application

Leverage information security as an advantage for your corporate image

Why is Azpirantz Technologies best choice for On-Demand Security Services?

We understand the need for cost-effectiveness in an organization. Hence, we offer a flexible security assessment where we deploy resources based on your testing requirement. We align our experts with assessing the security posture of your applications based on the release cycle. Using our approaches, we reduce the number of testing cycles and application defects. We tend to reduce investment in people and other hardware resources. Our specialists work along with your team to fix the identified issues within defined timelines and deliver secure applications.

Some great companies use our services

About azpirantZ

We are an aspiring cybersecurity consulting firm that aims to help its customers focus on their core business by taking care of their security and compliance through high-caliber services and providing them actionable solutions. At Azpirantz, we understand that the threat landscape is fast-paced and ever-adapting. Identifying the hidden vulnerabilities, drafting the right action plan, or choosing the best technologies as per the environment to safeguard data assets and comply with new laws is a challenge for any organization. Thus, we work towards providing our customers with a seamless experience in battling the current cybersecurity threats.


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