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Human resources can be both the strongest as well as the weakest security link of an organization. During recent years, a new form of attack utilizing this weakness has surfaced, which is called social engineering. Phishing is one of the most popular social engineering attacks. It is an online deception and fraud technique that includes sending deceptive emails to steal personal information where the attacker poses as a genuine individual/ organization. Even though phishing has been used for quite some time now, it remains one of the most effective attacks posing a consistent threat to the digital security of an organization.

Our service will help you to:

Check the security awareness of your employees

Simulate and analyze the real-life impact of such attacks

Why is Azpirantz Technologies best choice for Red Team Services?

Our team of experts runs a phishing campaign finding out your employees’ understanding of such attacks and their vulnerability against impersonations as well as probable malware attacks. A detailed analysis is prepared, which includes the risks and estimated extent of damage caused to the organization by falling into the attacker’s trap. We also analyze the stats of successful phishing attempts, along with providing the remediation steps. Running a phishing campaign is essential to fence your network against ransomware attacks and to save your precious data.

If opted, our security personnel can also arrange basic security awareness training for the client employees in person or as webinars.

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About azpirantZ

We are an aspiring cybersecurity consulting firm that aims to help its customers focus on their core business by taking care of their security and compliance through high-caliber services and providing them actionable solutions. At Azpirantz, we understand that the threat landscape is fast-paced and ever-adapting. Identifying the hidden vulnerabilities, drafting the right action plan, or choosing the best technologies as per the environment to safeguard data assets and comply with new laws is a challenge for any organization. Thus, we work towards providing our customers with a seamless experience in battling the current cybersecurity threats.


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