Why Startup’s needs Security Assessment

As today’s business heavily runs on the internet and cloud technology, and thus cyber security has become a significant part of the business operation in every organization. To secure the business operations, Security Assessment helps assess the internal and external threats, and a regular security assessment must be done by the companies without fail. 

In this article, we will discuss Why Startup needs to be concerned about cyber security?


Why Startup’s need Security Testing

The Startups need to aim for tomorrow’s security by implementing innovative ideas and niche technology on securing the business operations. As the stats revealed, 83% of the sample study on 83,000 software applications had discovered at least one security vulnerability on the initial security test. So, what would be the reasons to focus on cybersecurity?

The main reason is that startups don’t spend a budget for Security in the initial stages of company growth—the use of open-source scanners to scan the application leads to leaving the vulnerabilities in the application. Small size companies have been detected over 43% of cyberattacks. It means hackers don’t target only large or mid-size enterprises; small companies are easy to scan by hackers. 

Therefore, Security Testing plays a significant role in ensuring the Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability of the organization’s data, assets, and systems. It helps protect the organization and resolve the identified vulnerabilities to overcome future threats.


Penetration Testing, Security Policies, and Incident Response Plan

The Startup clients request security services on Risk analysis, Security Policy, Incident Response Plan, Security Audit Report, etc. ISO27001 or SOC2 certifications allow security protection based on the standards for such requirements. Also, the security audit report helps to illustrate the terms that a third-party assessed the security levels. It also helps to test the identified security problems in the organization.


Cloud Security Assessment for Startups

Cloud security vendors are responsible for implementing security cloud controls internally. When shared security models are implemented in the organization, it is the combined responsibility of the cloud vendors and the organizations to maintain the models and have a secure organization operation system. Maintaining the Access controls and strong authentication with access rights plays a critical action in securing the cloud environment.

Data recovery, Data Backup, and Data Encryption are often refreshed and protected from security threats. Regular updating of security posture based on the recent security updates helps reboot the security systems.

For Security services and Security Testing, Azpirantz offers an expert team in implementing all the security requirements of your clients. We perform various types of Security Testing and recommend the best security measures to fight against the security gaps and threats.


Importance of Security Testing

Comprehensive security testing helps to validate all the security layers of the application, system operations, and networks in the organization. It helps to make a risk assessment to take complete security measures to secure the network from future threats. 

Security Testing helps to identify and address the security vulnerabilities to avoid the following issues:

  • Loss of trust.
  • Website downtime, expenditure, and loss of time in recovering the damage happened due to threats.
  • Legal implications and compensations for having security measures in place.
  • The cost associated with security tools and techniques to defend against threats.
  • Disturbance in online means of communication and data transmission.