About Us

Azpirantz is a cybersecurity consulting, advisories, and service-based firm that aims to help to focus on core business by strengthening security and compliance through high-caliber services with actionable solutions.

At Azpirantz, we take up your security challenges, focus on the core security system, and understand the threat landscape to implement best practices of Cybersecurity solutions.


Company Overview

Azpirantz, as a cybersecurity consulting firm, helps you deal with the cybersecurity requirements such as Identifying the hidden vulnerabilities, drafting the right action plan, or choosing the best technologies per the environment to safeguard data assets and comply with new laws. Thus, we work towards providing our customers with a seamless experience in battling the current cybersecurity threats.

Our consultants and cybersecurity experts are highly equipped with emerging technology in delivering quality services to our clients. Our solutions augment AI platforms with manual testing offers a complete Cyber Security solution to secure the network globally.

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Azpirantz- Ensuring Tomorrow's Security.
To be a one-stop service provider to any Organization across the globe on securing their Critical Assets and data through our advanced cybersecurity strategies and controls.



Being backed up with a highly qualified technical team helps us solve any critical security needs of the industry and helps to build a robust security layer for any organization.

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Our Key Features

Azpirantz offers the best solutions for all cybersecurity problems by providing actionable techniques and automating the right actions to ensure secure operations in the organizations.
  • We walk hand in hand with our customers.

    We offer security expertise by providing tailored services aligning with the organization's business objectives. Our primary responsibility is to maintain data and network security, enhance the current security capabilities to deal with the vulnerabilities, and report the issues to the management.

  • We follow the best practice and industry standards to review, assess, and measure cloud security.

    We help organizations in migrating to the cloud platform confidently. Our cloud security assessments and consulting services assure completely a secured cloud adaptation of your services along with the assessment of your architecture to reduce risk in a hybrid IT environment.

  • Customized Security Assessments and Regulatory Compliance

    We guide organizations in handling cybersecurity threats through:

    • Consulting engagements
    • Virtual CISO Services
    • Continuous Security monitoring
    • Cybersecurity product expertise

    We also provide on-demand security services meeting the requirement of a particular business environment.

  • We believe in continuous learning.

    Since the threat landscape is fast-paced and ever-changing, the technologies to identify and mitigate the threats also keep updating. Our L&D and R&D teams help to analyze the vulnerabilities and attack methodologies surfacing in the cybersecurity field. We believe in matching our skills with the latest technology by upgrading ourselves from time to time. 

    Our research helps us keep adding new services to ensure the best cybersecurity solutions for organizations. Apart from the web and mobile apps, we also offer IoT, Blockchain, Cloud, and Critical Infrastructure security services.

  • Transparency and Punctuality

    A short-term relationship is not what we expect while working for our customers. We believe in starting a journey together and building on transparency. 

    Based on the recommendations and discussions, we provide a detailed assessment report of the services offered to the client. Our goal is to participate in a two-way conversation actively and include you in the action plan. We also help you make a suitable investment for further security and deliver quality services within the time frame.

    At Azpirantz Technologies, we are determined to offer efficient cybersecurity solutions without compromising the quality of services. With our next-generation technologies and experts, we are ready to provide our cybersecurity services anytime globally.

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