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Security Awareness Training

Azpirantz offers Awareness Training programs to reflect security threats that your organization faces. Security awareness training is one of the strategies utilized by IT and security professionals to prevent and mitigate risks. These strategies are curated to guide employees and users to understand their roles to defend against security threats. We release the updated versions that cover new data policies and privacies regulations.

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Phishing Awareness

We are providing Cyber Awareness to the employees to know about how to deal with the potential phishing.

Password Security

We implement Two-way authentication, and strong passwords help protect the sensitive and confidential data of the organization.

Office Security

We provide Awareness that help employees to understand how to protect desks, building, screens, and paper data.

Data Transmission Security

Data Transmission Security Awareness helps to know how to protect data in motion.

Privacy Issues

We offer the best privacy policies and guidelines to help protect confidential information shared with the employees, partners, and customers.

Insider Threats

Insider threats help to recognize the co-workers who perform threats inside the organization.

Phishing Simulation

Phishing simulation is a program that guides the employees in recognizing, avoiding, and preventing the critical threats that may hack the business or employee personal data. Our Phishing Simulation service offers a good understanding of dangers, potential threats, and strategies to protect your organization with relatable actions to maintain security standards.

We can help your business fight against phishing and social attacks by offering continuous simulation and attack strategies to understand the trends of cyberthreats.


Security Campaigns and Programs

Azpirantz conducts programs that help users, employees, and business organizations protect their confidential data. Security campaigns and programs are conducted in the organizations to create awareness among the employees and develop sufficient knowledge. We ensure every employee in the organization has to take part in the campaign, know how to mitigate cyber threats, and take part in the security decisions of the organization.

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Gamification Model Awareness Training

Our Gamification Model Awareness training helps create Awareness among the users on learning with fun if engagement is high. Also, it builds soft skills, awareness creation, and compliance. We help create a playful and highly engaging technique that deals with the organization’s requirements and establishes a security ecosystem.

Our Awareness training helps to find ways to engage people emotionally to motivate them to achieve their goals. It is a better way that makes learning a lot more fun. Right Gamification techniques that apply to security training include:

CTF Events

Capture The Flags (CTF) Events are the type of Security Competitions or challenges organized to achieve the highest score in Security-themed activities. Flags are the random string incorporated in the challenges. We conduct frequent CTF Events in your organizations that bring awareness to the employees.


We Different From Others

Azpirantz offers a unique way of Cybersecurity services and data protection to safeguard your business information by managing risks and building confidence in your technology.

Industry Experts

Our team has years of industrial experience in providing effective Cybersecurity solutions to the organization, with recognized certifications and specialists for each cybersecurity service.


Dedicated Team

Our Cybersecurity experts are highly dedicated to identifying the potential attack paths and vulnerabilities and finding ways to resolve them by breaking the chain of continuous attacks. We offer more comprehensive penetration testing services that prevent the organization from threats.


Outcome Focused

We take full measures on security profiles by validating the organization's cyber defensive system and delivering the business outcomes to the utmost satisfaction.


High Quality Service

We offer standard high-quality cybersecurity services to the customers by providing continuous monitoring on Penetration Testing services. Our efforts to provide Information Technology Strategy and information assurances prevent our customer's data from cyber incidents.


Cyber Security Expert

Our Cybersecurity experts offer you the best security solutions for software and hardware systems. We ensure to protect your organization from threats with advanced security systems that are safe from attack.

  • Industry Experts
  • Dedicated Team
  • Outcome Focused
  • High Quality Service
  • Cyber Security Expert

What Client’s Say About Us

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Mr. Rana Digvijay Singh is Marketing Head at Infosec Train. He Has more than 11 years of experience in UI design, development, and team management experience in the education/teaching/training industry and executing Strategic Marketing Campaigns (Organic/Paid) for numerous Digital Platforms using Detailed Buyer's persona, Best Content Strategy, and Data Analytic tools. His expertise includes working with tools like SEMrush, Google Analytics, Social Media Analytics.

Mr. Digvijay has a strong knack for being on top of the latest marketing developments & trends and designing Structured Processes for the team to focus more on results.

Mr. Amit holds a bachelors in Commerce and has more than 20 years of experience in the accounts field, mainly for companies offering IT Services.

He manages overall accounts in Infosec Train and heads Payroll Department, Travel Desk Department, and Exam Voucher Department. Having a soft-spoken and helpful nature, Amit also possesses vast knowledge in his field and has a habit of finding solutions for the issues.

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Being eclectic and an avid learner at heart, Prabh has always been enthusiastic about giving something back to the world. This desire and his dynamic attitude contributed to laying the foundation of Azpirantz.

A veteran in Information Security, Prabh Nair has developed and delivered various projects for more than a hundred organizations across the globe in more than twenty countries. His work experience boasts of specializations in domains ranging from Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing, Application Security, Security Solutions in Governance to Risk and Compliance. He has served as Security Architect, Project Manager, and Information Security Manager and is well accustomed to the work in infrastructure and messaging consultancy, a security consultancy. Apart from the IT clients, he has also catered information security services of various other sectors, including banking, telecom, retail, healthcare, and education.

His continuous learning and knowledge ability have led him to be featured in many international magazines, including European publications.

An upbeat personality, Deepti, is a management graduate from ICFAI University. She started her career as Operations Executive with a leading Corporate training company in 2008. Having ten years of experience in the IT training industry in varied verticals, she has held various management and leadership roles in service management, customer support, channel development, sales, and support functions.

Working in the capacity of a CEO, her key areas of responsibility include handling Sales, Training Operations, Strategic Alliances, Key Account Management, Relationship Management, Process Improvement.

She strives to achieve sustainable growth and has earned competency in delivering strategic direction for new territory expansions and operations excellence. Being industrious, she aims to help customers move their careers to the next level of success and educate novice-to-experienced users to make the most of the technology.

A curious mind, Abhy has always been keen to traverse the cyber world. An information security enthusiast and a security researcher with almost a decade of cybersecurity experience, he has an enriched knowledge of cybersecurity.

He has served as Information Security & Technical Services Consultant and Corporate trainer and has trained and consulted a wide range of clientele around the globe. Augmenting all the knowledge and experience, he next moved on to explore other verticals of security, including red, blue, and purple teaming.

A rare breed of professionals with extensive cybersecurity experience and hands-on technogeek, as the Chief Information Security Officer, his passion and persistence add fuel to the mission and vision of the organization.

An articulate public speaker, he has spoken on cybersecurity and its different vectors at conferences around the world.

Ms. Pragati is the Global President and Co-founderof Azpirantz of Technologies . In a career spanning over 8 years, Pragati has played a key role in consummating several landmarks and complex restructuring business operations. She has been instrumental in expanding the company’s sales operations and building a global profile. Pragati has worked with many IT companies in the training segment, where she was responsible for building, and maintaining key client relationships, procuring and overseeing the execution of business transactions.


With extensive knowledge of Information Technology and his qualified deliverables to the industry, he has made our chair flourish with respect and achievements. He has been in the industry for quite long and walked his way from a normal Information Security Analyst to his current stature. Suraj brings a great deal of experience to Azpirantz Technologies, his focus always on its Vision and Mission. He has successfully handled a variety of projects on Information Technology being more focused on Information Security. This encompasses areas from Information Security Service delivery, Consulting, Development, Audits, and Managing of Critical infrastructure to handling highly sensitive customers.

Apart from being the Chief Technical Officer at Azpirantz Technologies, Suraj is also part of many information technology initiatives across the region. He is well accustomed to the work in infrastructure and messaging consultancy, a security consultancy, served as Security Architect, Project Manager and Information Security Manager, and has managed information security for sectors like banking, telecom, retail, healthcare, and education apart from the IT clients.