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Do you know millions of data breaches have been noted in 2022? According to the report, most data breaches occurred due to the pandemic. The cyber threat landscape is constantly changing as malicious hackers become more sophisticated and disrupt organizations in various ways. Therefore, it’s crucial to prevent them, and having a penetration testing service is one of the best ways to do so.

Penetration testing is one of the most effective methods for analyzing and assessing the overall security posture of your IT infrastructure. The team of Red Teamers or Penetration Testers conducts penetration testing. The team imitates real-world attack scenarios to analyze, detect, and mitigate security vulnerabilities in applications, networks, operating systems, and servers. Penetration testing helps organizations support regulatory compliance like GDPR, PCI DSS, ISO 27001, HIPAA, etc. 

Azpirantz has years of experience in cybersecurity. We are renowned for offering cutting-edge penetration testing services to companies and enterprises of all sizes. We have a great team of Red-Teamers and Penetration Testers that will assist companies in identifying existing security controls and preventing potential security breaches against cyberattacks.

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Penetration Testing Services

Penetration testing services are used in companies to uncover security vulnerabilities in their IT infrastructure.

Internal Penetration Testing

Azpirantz's penetration testing team evaluates your internal systems by simulating an insider threat to detect the vulnerabilities a hacker could use to infiltrate or destroy the network, systems, or data.

External Penetration Testing

Azpirantz's penetration testing team evaluates your web-facing systems by simulating a real-world attack to find vulnerabilities that could allow hackers to  access or reveal data.


Web Application Penetration Testing

Azpirantz's penetration testing team analyzes, identifies, and mitigates the vulnerability, security loopholes, or insecure codes present in the web application and provides detailed reports about a web application's security posture.


Network Penetration Testing

Azpirantz's penetration testing team detects and mitigates security loopholes in your network by simulating actual attacks that hackers would perform. Our team assists companies in securing their internal and external network security assessments.

Mobile Application Penetration Testing

Azpirantz's penetration testing team analyzes the security posture of a mobile application to detect and fix security flaws and vulnerabilities. 

Wireless Penetration Testing

Azpirantz's penetration testing team identifies the risks and vulnerabilities in your wireless network infrastructure and determines how to address them. 


Red Team Exercise:

Azpirantz's Red Team experts imitate an intrusive attack on your company without disrupting normal business operations in order to identify and evaluate vulnerabilities in your current security infrastructure. 


IoT Penetration Testing

Azpirantz's penetration testing team analyses and exploits the numerous components that are present in your IoT device solution in order to increase an IoT device's security.


Secure Code Testing

Security code review is a manual or automated process of analyzing an application's source code. Azpirantz's penetration testing team identifies existing bugs or security loopholes in your application's source code. 


Why Choose Azpirantz for Penetration Testing?

Advanced Threat Intelligence

Azpirantz uses the most cutting-edge threat intelligence to combat the latest attacking patterns and threats that can compromise your IT infrastructure and impact your company operations.

Remediation Assistance

Azpirantz's pen testing team will collaborate with your internal security team to remediate the identified vulnerabilities and reinforce your cybersecurity measures.

Industry Experience

Azpirantz has years of working experience with highly regulated industries, so we are familiar with the potential risks and concerns that a company can face.

Highly Accredited Certifications

Azpirantz's consultants hold highly accredited certifications for penetration testing.


Azpirantz consistently delivers top-notch penetration testing outcomes for any application.

Imitation of Real-World Attacks

Azpirantz will imitate a real-world attack on your networks, applications, and systems using tools and techniques that a hacker uses to reveal vulnerabilities in your IT environment.

Detailed Report

Azpirantz will provide detailed information on potential patches for each vulnerability discovered and outline the processes required to make it strong.

Types of Penetration Testing

Black Box Penetration Testing

We do not have access to your network or applications in the black box penetration testing process. And we have no prior knowledge of your company's internal code, application structure, or architecture. Due to the limited knowledge of your network, our penetration testing team uses a "trial and error" methodology to identify weaknesses in your IT infrastructure.

White Box Penetration Testing

In the white box penetration testing process, we have complete knowledge of your company and access to the system, network, and applications, including source code, IP address schema, network maps, credentials, and more. Our penetration testing team assists your company in evaluating the resilience of the systems, networks, or applications against both privileged insiders and outsiders and identifies potential vulnerabilities.

Penetration Testing Methodology

There are generally six phases of penetration testing:

Planning and scoping

In the first phase, Azpirantz's Penetration Testing team will first discuss with the company team to define the test's objectives, scope, and methods of penetration testing.


This phase is also known as information gathering. Azpirantz's Penetration Testing team gathers relevant information about the target environment in this phase.


Azpirantz's Penetration Testing team conducts a complete vulnerability scanning of your network infrastructure and applications using tools to examine the security gaps and vulnerabilities.

Gaining Access

In this phase, Azpirantz's Penetration Testing team conducts penetration testing to make an intrusive attempt based on the identified vulnerabilities to disclose a potential risk.

Maintaining Access

Once Azpirantz's Penetration Testing team successfully compromised the target environment. The team will then inject an agent inside the target to remain active for a long period to demonstrate any potential effects, such as data exfiltration, data modification, or service disruption.

Analysis and Reporting

In the final phase, Azpirantz's Penetration Testing team will do the in-depth analysis and compile all the information into a report, including identified vulnerabilities, potential risks, and recommendations for fixing issues.

Benefits of Penetration Testing Services


Regulatory Compliance

It assists businesses in supporting different regulatory standards like PCI DSS, HIPAA, ISO 27001, and GDPR compliance and helps them avoid penalties for non-compliance.


Lessen Attack Surface

It lessens the attack surface of emerging threats by identifying and addressing vulnerabilities across your IT environment before they are exploited.


Complete Assessment of Your Infrastructure

It thoroughly assesses your existing defensive techniques and recommendations for enhancing detection and response abilities.


Vulnerabilities' Severity

It helps businesses to proactively detect the severity of vulnerabilities by using automated scanners and enables them to prioritize corrective measures.


Avoid Financial Loss

It helps to prevent financial loss by quickly identifying and mitigating the risks before cyber attacks or security breaches occur.


Insight of Security Investment

It provides essential insight for prioritizing future security investments.


Visibility of Security Gaps

It provides visibility into security Loopholes that your internal IT teams may have overlooked due to a lack of knowledge and skills in today's threats.

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  • Who conducts penetration tests?

    Penetration testing is conducted by our highly skilled and experienced penetration testing team, who has an in-depth understanding of the latest threats and hacking techniques.

  • How long does penetration testing take?

    It depends on the size of businesses and the strength of their existing cybersecurity. Basically, most penetration testing can take between one to three weeks to perform.

  • How often should penetration testing be performed?

    It is advised for all businesses to perform penetration testing at least once a year. Also, it must be performed whenever:

    •  New network infrastructure and applications are added
    • Significant updates and modifications are applied to the infrastructure and applications
    • Security patches are applied
    • End-user policies are modified

  • What are things included in your penetration testing report?

    A penetration testing report is essential for your company since it helps you identify the flaws in your IT infrastructure. In our penetration testing report, we must include the following:

    • Executive overview
    • Vulnerability outline 
    • Vulnerability information
    • Risk index
    • Remediation plan
    • Conclusion

  • Is Azpirantz's penetration testing service automated or manual?

    Automated tools are an excellent way to start penetration testing, but Azpirantz's penetration testing team does not rely on automated scanning tools because these tools have their limitations, and they may sometimes skip significant and high-risk vulnerabilities. So, our team employs different open-source and paid pentesting tools to carry out tests to identify hidden and complex vulnerabilities manually.


We Different From Others

Azpirantz offers a unique way of Cybersecurity services and data protection to safeguard your business information by managing risks and building confidence in your technology.

Industry Experts

Our team has years of industrial experience in providing effective Cybersecurity solutions to the organization, with recognized certifications and specialists for each cybersecurity service.


Dedicated Team

Our Cybersecurity experts are highly dedicated to identifying the potential attack paths and vulnerabilities and finding ways to resolve them by breaking the chain of continuous attacks. We offer more comprehensive penetration testing services that prevent the organization from threats.


Outcome Focused

We take full measures on security profiles by validating the organization's cyber defensive system and delivering the business outcomes to the utmost satisfaction.


High Quality Service

We offer standard high-quality cybersecurity services to the customers by providing continuous monitoring on Penetration Testing services. Our efforts to provide Information Technology Strategy and information assurances prevent our customer's data from cyber incidents.


Cyber Security Expert

Our Cybersecurity experts offer you the best security solutions for software and hardware systems. We ensure to protect your organization from threats with advanced security systems that are safe from attack.

  • Industry Experts
  • Dedicated Team
  • Outcome Focused
  • High Quality Service
  • Cyber Security Expert

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